Airtime™ Instrument Channel Dryer

A stand-alone solution for drying instrument channels

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Meeting Standards

CSA Standards (CSA-Z314-18 Decontamination of Reusable Medical Devices) Section 12.4.13 indicates that following cleaning and disinfection and before storage of endoscopes that all endoscope lumens shall be flushed with instrument air, purged with filtered or instrument air to facilitate drying and that all endoscopes shall be thoroughly dried before storage.

*See standards for full details.

Ease of Operation

  • No staff downtime – timed cycle, no supervision
  • Adjustable – air-flow rate & time
  • Adaptable – dries a variety of endoscope types
  • Meets CSA standard – HEPA filtration


  • Airtime uses HEPA filtered air to dry endoscope air/water, suction and auxiliary water channels after automated reprocessing. Also available with an instrument air option.
  • A scope removed from the AER can be thoroughly dried so it will not be stored, or put into immediate use, with wet channels.
  • Uses two independent pumps and timers that will dry two scopes simultaneously with individual start/stop times. Air pressure will not drop when you begin drying a second scope.
  • Restricted channel sensors will immediately shut off the Airtime pump and alert the user of a potentially clogged channel.
  • Available options: IV pole mounted, wall mounted or on a counter stand.

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