Medical Grade Inspection Borescopes

Don't be blind to the dangers hiding inside your medical devices!

Borescopes enable you to apply the standards equally to the inner channels of instruments - lighting the way to patient safety!

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Meeting Standards

CSA Standards (CSA-Z314-18 Decontamination of Reusable Medical Devices) indicate, in both the Decontamination of reusable medical devices (Section 11.4.2) and in the Verification of cleanliness (Sections –, visual inspection shall be performed and is important.


Visual inspection allows you to confirm that instrument channels are clean, dry, clear of debris, and undamaged.

Inspect any internal lumen, such as flexible and rigid endoscopes and surgical instruments.

Channels as small as 1.0 mm can be inspected!

Illuminate & Magnify

Magnification and proper lighting are a requirement at each work station for the outer inspection of all instruments.

For inner channel inspection, the borescope provides the proper lighting with adjustable light settings and magnification for a clear image.


Digital model allows high definition images and videos to be captured for documentation.

Medical Grade

Fiberoptic and Digital inspection scopes are chemically sterilizable and waterproof.

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